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sale Bakhtiari 293x211
3091 € 495 €
sale Bakhtiari - Lori 236x138
1628 € 260 €
Tabriz 298x203
4235 € 678 €
The carpet is reserved
sale Lori - Gabbeh 208x182
2158 € 346 €
sale Bakhtiari - Lori 226x145
1868 € 299 €
sale Senneh - Kurdi 293x200
4102 € 656 €
Lori - Gabbeh 224x142
1813 € 290 €
The carpet is reserved
sale Lori - Bakhtiari 186x162
1718 € 275 €
sale Lori - Bakhtiari 244x156
2170 € 347 €
sale Ardebil 310x210
3581 € 573 €
sale Lori - Bakhtiari 180x148
1518 € 243 €
sale Bijar 220x162
1782 € 285 €

CarpetU2 - Handmade Persian Carpets Online

In our e-shop CarpetU2 you can find handmade persian carpets online at the lowest prices on the market. Our constantly renewed collection contains thousands of Persian carpets chosen one by one from our experts. In our selection you can find kid's carpets, nomadic, classic and modern, as well as kilims at incomparable prices and special offers. We guarantee the quality of our rugs accompanied with a genuine certificate. You can complete your purchase safely through our secure payment environment. Within our collection we provide you the opportunity to easily find carpets that will fulfill your ambitions and change the perspective of your home. For every single carpet or kilim, we provide you a variety of professionally taken photographs, so that you can have a complete image of how a carpet really looks like. Shopping made easy fast, safe, risk-free and with free shipping all over europe.